Friday, February 25, 2011

An Early Spring!

The spring season always seems to rouse my creative spirits. The warm breezes begin to roll in and everything starts sprouting again. It stirs my creative juices and lures me outside. Suddenly I feel myself a part of the natural surroundings, the sounds of the birds, the blossoming energies all around me. It arouses me artistically! It calls me to capture it’s beauty and share it with others. It takes me into explorations of my surroundings and my self. I love the interplay between the two, and I attempt to illustrate that dynamic in my photographs. I begin by jumping a fence to enter into the wild and untamed parts of the land which surround my home.

Fortunately, I have always inhabited a geography that knows mild winters and early springs! Tropical weather is the climate that suits me best. It is conducive to spending time outdoors, in nature, which nourishes my being. In my self portrait photography this season, I aim to show you how spring affects me at this deep, soulful level.

Because I find no words to adequately describe the way spring arouses my artistry, I leave you to my images, which hopefully tell the story of a woman in love with nature, with beauty, and with the interplay between these and her very self. In the springtime I find myself, and I ask facets of my persona that have been hibernating for too long a winter, to emerge as uninhibitedly as the flowers that have begun to blossom on my property.

Perhaps in the loveliness of the spring season artists find reflections of their own beauty, and renew their faith in life’s regenerative prowess! As an oriental proverb states: “No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow”. Even when things appear to have met their death during the winter months, spring revives everything! For me, as an artist, I feel it reviving a certain enthusiasm in the way I express myself. A vitality. So spring seems to be a time of awakening. It has it’s own poetry. Maybe I can capture a little bit of it for you in my photographs.


  1. simply gorgeous, all of them. I too love an early spring. spring in general is such a wondefully turbulent time. seeds sprouting, struggling to reach the sun, dramatic changes in the weather, animals romping & rutting.

    it will be here soon~

  2. soooo much beauty... in your words, in your photos... i am moved deeply by your reflections... by the soul-full-ness of your authentic expressions... by your life-story of turning pain into an artful creation - from the depths... inspired - from the depths... thank you!

  3. lovely pics u capture ur own pics...??? is this ur pics..???